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Mr. Kempson vom kommuniziert mit Hilfe des PIKTUU Konzepts mit einem neu angekommenen Bootsflüchtling auf der Insel Lesvos/Griechenland. In der Entwicklungsphase 2016 hieß PIKTUU noch CUBY HELPS.


Printed PIKTUU communication aids vs. conventional translation apps for smartphones

Photo: Mr Kempson from uses the PIKTUU concept to communicate with a newly arrived boat refugee on the island of Lesvos, Greece. In the development phase in 2016, PIKTUU was still called CUBY HELPS.

In a world where communication is crucial, we often encounter language barriers. For immigrants, people with mental or physical disabilities, rescue workers and international humanitarian aid workers, the ability to communicate quickly and effectively can be life-saving. In this regard, PIKTUU has developed an innovative approach that emphasises the use of printed communication aids and digital PDFs. Here are some of the advantages PIKTUU offers over traditional translation apps for smartphones:


1. Universality and inclusion:

PIKTUU uses easy-to-understand pictograms that rely on visual communication. These pictograms are independent of the spoken language and enable communication with people who speak different languages or cannot speak at all. This creates inclusion and universal understanding.


2. Offline access:

Printed PIKTUU communication aids are available at any time and do not require an internet connection. In contrast, translation apps often require a stable internet connection, which is not available in many situations. In medical emergencies or in remote areas, offline access can be life-saving.


3. Simplicity and user-friendliness:

Using PIKTUU is intuitive and requires no special training. Users can immediately start using the pictograms to communicate. Traditional translation apps can be complicated and often require text input, which can be time-consuming.


4. Customisability:

PIKTUU offers both printed and digital versions. Users can choose between printed communication aids and digital PDFs depending on their needs. This allows a high degree of customisability for different situations.


5. Free of charge and donation-based:

PIKTUU strives to provide free access to communication aids. It is based on donations and collaborations, which makes it a non-profit resource. Traditional translation apps often require paid subscriptions.


6. Battery life and speed:

Using traditional translation apps on smartphones can quickly drain battery life. In contrast, PIKTUU is ready to use immediately, without the need for an app installation or online connection. This speed can be crucial in urgent situations.


7. Traumatised people and pictograms:

PIKTUU’s visual language in the form of pictograms can often be an easier way for traumatised people to communicate than an app. In stressful or emotionally charged situations, PIKTUU’s clear pictograms offer an understandable and non-threatening way to communicate.


8. limited internet connection and data consumption:

Often the internet on prepaid smartphones is limited and data consumption can be exhausted quickly. Conventional apps can require large amounts of data, which leads to additional costs. PIKTUU, on the other hand, does not require an ongoing internet connection or data transfer, which is both cost-efficient and practical.



Overall, PIKTUU is an innovative solution for overcoming language barriers and facilitating communication in a variety of situations. It shows that simple visual communication can often be more effective and accessible than complex language-based technologies. Best of all, PIKTUU is constantly working to improve and expand its resources. We’d love for you to recommend PIKTUU and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to stay up to date and help spread the word about PIKTUU.




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