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Download free pictogram communication aids

Here you will find free pictogram communication aids that you are welcome to download and reproduce as you wish. PIKTUU communication aids are also translated into several languages to make them easier to understand and promote learning.


Commercial sale of the printed products, rehosting of our files or independent changes to the PIKTUU files are not permitted. By downloading, you agree to these conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us.


As the downloads are very fast (size: 5 to 15 MB), we recommend that you check your download folder to avoid downloading the same file several times.

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Piktogramm Kommunikationshilfe als handliches DIN A6 Buch zum Herunterladen.

DIN A6 Booklet - DIGITAL

Full digital version for use e.g. on tablets.

German, Ukrainian, English

German, Arabic, English


PIKTUU booklets are barely bigger than an iPhone, hard-wearing and quickly to hand. Perfect for free distribution and for equipping organizations and institutions.


You can also customise your print edition with your logo or the logos of your supporters.


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Piktogramm Kommunikationshilfe als praktische DIN A4 Blattsammlung zum Herunterladen und ausdrucken.

DIN A4 Blattsammlung

The PIKTUU book on 25 individual pages in DIN A4 format. Can be printed on any standard office printer or in the copy shop around the corner.

German, Ukrainian, English

German, Arabic, English

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