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Dear club, organisation or association,

we help you to cover your need for PIKTUU communication aids!

To do this, we need the demand and further information. We then endeavour to raise the necessary funding and cover the production costs. Through fundings, donations and sponsors. You are also welcome to get your own community involved.


We can’t promise you anything, but we will do our best to help you.


The following conditions should be met:

  • You need at least 100 PIKTUU books and/or 50 communication posters. There is no upper limit to what you need.


  • Your organisation, association or project should already be established.


Together we can overcome barriers and create an inclusive and supportive environment. Apply now and let’s build bridges of understanding together!

It’s very simple! You choose the topic of the situation and point to the PIKTUUs that express what you want to say.


All PIKTUUs are also translated into several languages to make communication even easier and promote the learning of a new language.

1. for dialogue with refugees & immigrants

  • Promoting integration and better coexistence through easy communication.


  • Universal, intercultural communication also facilitates the work of volunteers and everyday situations in the host country, regardless of origin.

2. for people with mental or physical disabilities:

  • Support for people who have difficulty speaking.
    Simple communication in medical situations.


  • Promoting inclusion and participation in public spaces.
    Helpful for communicating with traumatised people and minors.

3. for humanitarian aid operations:

  • Effective communication in emergency situations.


  • Quick communication for rescue workers and helpers despite language barriers thanks to simple visual language.

4. for people in the healthcare sector:

  • Help for doctors, carers and patients.


  • Clear communication in various medical contexts.

5. to support educational initiatives:

  • Aids in schools and educational institutions.


  • Promoting accessibility in the education sector.


Individualisation of the cover pages as well as changes to PIKTUUs and languages are possible by arrangement. Just talk to us.



The following costs serve only as a rough overview for our calculations and may vary.


DIN A 6 book print production

1.00 EUR to 3.50 EUR per book from 100 copies.


DIN A1 communication posters

3.00 EUR per poster from 50 copies.



Plus shipping (according to quantity/weight.)


Incl. nominal fee (will be paid to EINFACH MENSCH SEIN gUG to finance further charitable activities and to cover costs).


Excl. customisation (By arrangement.)


Please fill in completely!

Your demand:

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