PIKTUU bietet innovative Lösungen für nonverbale Verständigung und hilft, Sprachbarrieren zu überwinden. Unsere Kommunikationshilfsmittel, darunter über 2.000 Piktogramme, ermöglichen einfache und effektive Verständigung für Geflüchtete, Ehrenamtliche und Organisationen.


Nonverbal communication through pictograms

Photo: Philipp von Schlechtleitner

In a world where language barriers are often an obstacle, non-verbal communication plays a crucial role. But what does “non-verbal” actually mean?


Non-verbal means speaking without words. It is the language of gestures, facial expressions and pictograms. Imagine how people have always used their hands and feet to communicate. This is exactly where PIKTUU comes in, utilising the power of pictograms.


Universal understanding

Pictograms are understood across cultural and linguistic boundaries. This enables universal understanding, which is particularly important in multicultural environments.


Integration and inclusion

People with different linguistic backgrounds or disabilities benefit from pictogram language aids. This facilitates inclusion and integration by providing a common, easy-to-understand basis for communication.




Accessibility in everyday life

Whether in everyday life, when visiting the doctor or in public spaces – pictograms make communication easier in situations where words alone are not enough. This is particularly relevant for people with language or communication challenges, such as those with speech impediments or trauma patients.


Aid missions and humanitarian projects

In operations where fast and effective communication is often vital for survival, pictograms can serve as a quickly accessible tool for rescue and aid workers, e.g. in emergencies when a patient is no longer able to speak or when communicating despite language barriers.


The sound makes the music

Our intonation when speaking plays a major role in how we are understood. With PIKTUU, care has been taken to create a positive and lively pictogram language and not a language aid with the charm of an anonymous instruction manual.


PIKTUU | Digital and printed

The flexibility of PIKTUU is demonstrated by the use of the digital book version and the provision of self-printable pictogram communication aids. Whether digital or print, PIKTUU adapts to your needs.


In a constantly changing world, non-verbal communication is timeless and there will always be situations in which a picture is easier to understand than the spoken word. PIKTUU brings people together by building a bridge between languages, cultures and individual needs.





Visit the PIKTUU download page and discover our pictogram book, our pictogram single sheet collection or have a look at our communication posters.


Do you have ideas and suggestions for other pictograms that we haven’t thought of yet?


Then we look forward to your feedback. On our CONTACT page you not only have the option of sending us an e-mail, but you can also sketch your ideas and send them to us as a JPG. (You can also find PIKTUU on the usual social media channels to leave us a message there).


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