Show what you want to say! Free communication aid for understanding through pictograms.

PIKTUU helps with refugee work, integration, learning, humanitarian missions, healthcare and wherever speaking is difficult or language skills are lacking.

Integrated translations of the pictograms into different languages provide an additional learning effect.

Socially beneficial and non-political

PIKTUU communication aid: Intercultural understanding through pictograms.

Pictograms are the basis of PIKTUU. They can be used to express words as well as emotions and facts. No matter where you come from. PIKTUU connects people through an intercultural language bridge in the form of an understandable and intuitively usable visual language.


As a universal first aid to communication, e.g. for refugees and immigrants, PIKTUU helps people to communicate easily and immediately – right from the moment they arrive.


PIKTUU also helps to break down barriers between people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This promotes social integration and mutual understanding.

Integration, inclusion, interaction

PIKTUU, the communication aid - your bridge to understanding.

For refugees and immigrants:

As a translation aid and learning support for people who are moving to a new country and need help with communication.

For volunteers:

Organisations, groups and individuals looking for practical tools for communication and integration.

Institutions and organisations:

Municipalities, schools, associations, refugee shelters, social service providers and NGOs that want to expand their resources to effectively respond to the needs of immigrants.

In the healthcare sector:

People who are unable to speak for physical or psychological reasons can use pictograms to make themselves understood and express their needs.

For rescue workers:

In emergency situations where seconds count, PIKTUU enables clear and precise communication. You can also communicate more efficiently and quickly with people who may not speak the local language.

Humanitarian missions abroad:

Using the PIKTUU translation aid helps to avoid misunderstandings and increase the efficiency of relief efforts, which ultimately helps to save lives and improve conditions for the people affected.

How does PIKTUU work?

Show what you want to say!

So funktioniert die vielseitige PIKTUU Kommunikationshilfen, bei der man zeigt was man sagen möchte.

From paperbacks to posters

Communication aid for printing out yourself:

Use our PIKTUU communication aid to overcome language and communication barriers quickly and easily. Register for the PIKTU newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any updates or new downloads.

Piktogramm Kommunikationshilfe als handliches DIN A6 Buch zum Herunterladen.

DIN A6 Booklet

Use our digital PDF full version on your tablet or produce a handy pocket book with us, hardly bigger than an iPhone.


35 areas of life, spread over 100 pages.

Piktogramm Kommunikationshilfe als praktische DIN A4 Blattsammlung zum Herunterladen und ausdrucken.

DIN A4 Single Sheets

All or just individual topics. You decide for yourself and can print this collection of sheets immediately on any standard printer.


The contents of the book on 25 pages DIN A4.

Piktogramm Kommunikationshilfe als nützliches DIN A1 Poster zum Herunterladen und ausdrucken.

DIN A1 Poster

You can have this format produced in any copy shop or print shop. Perfect for placing translations for all to see.


Five different posters with 100 pictograms each.

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